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SoCo Farmer’s Market + peach salsa | food photography

 It is so exciting to live in an area where there are a number of farmer’s markets close enough to visit one every weekend.  On this particular Saturday, we headed to the SoCo Farmer’s Market in Costa Mesa, California.  There are about 30 super friendly vendors at this market with a variety of food, from homemade granola to chocolate to fruits and veggies.  farmersmarketSoCo_01 farmersmarketSoCo_02 farmersmarketSoCo_03 farmersmarketSoCo_04 farmersmarketSoCo_05 farmersmarketSoCo_06 farmersmarketSoCo_07 farmersmarketSoCo_08

After picking up some farm fresh produce we headed home where I made peach salsa to use as a topping for veggie tostadas.  I found this delicious sweet and spicy Peach Salsa with Mint recipe from Love and Lemons. And, since this post is part of a blog circle, be sure to head over and visit Jennifer Olson from Pretty Eats Blog, San Luis Obispo, CA Photographer  to see what she has found at her farmer’s market to mix up in the kitchen!



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  • Your market shots really look great, Allison! They look so bright and airy and the composition is immaculate – they put mine to shame for sure 😉 Love the fresh peaches all lined up in a row too, they look absolutely fresh & delicious 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Bilodeau

    Lovely images Allison, your market looks awesome…..soo jealoous! You did a great job capturing the feel of the Market as a whole, adding in all different types of vendors, all the yummy produce and the one of a kind things as well. Love the pictures of the peaches and mint, great light and a delicious bowlful to top it off. Such a lovely tour you took us on.ReplyCancel

  • I’ve never actually had a peach salsa, but I’ve read so many positive reviews. I came home with a number of peaches yesterday, and this is top of my list.
    Beautiful, beautiful photos. Fresh produce at its simplest form is always my favorite. Particularly love that shot of the beets!ReplyCancel

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