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I was talking with a friend about books.

We were talking about how some authors choose to write just one book at a time on one subject with one set of characters.  These books they write, they are not connected by a familiar setting or theme.  But, they have the style of the author that is threaded throughout all the books.  Usually, if you like one book then it is safe to predict you will like another.

reading by allison jacobs

Then you have authors who choose, for various reasons I am sure, to write books in a series.  My friend was lamenting that maybe they feel they have spent so much time and thought and energy developing a particular world that they can’t possibly share it all in *just* one book.  But, it feels sort of deceptive somehow to know that you are expected to read the set in its entirety.  Some people can stop after book 1 or book 2.  Others feel this push to read the whole set just to learn what happens with the characters.

reading by allison jacobs

I have always loved books.  I have loved them for as long as I can remember.  If I was given a choice between books and television usually books would win.  The power of a story that can sweep you up and away into another world is a unique power.

Pull back of person reading a book, maybe in the trees.

Sometimes I see glimpses of my life in the books I read.  I see myself in the characters.  I find myself asking, what would I do if faced with that same challenge. I wonder if the characters in the stories are stronger and braver than the average person and if that is part of what draws us in as readers.

reading by allison jacobs

There are books that have universal appeal and there are books with a much more narrow audience.  Just like with art and photography.  I like contemplating the factors that make one book or one image more universal.  Does that wider span of appreciation make it a better work of art?  I don’t think so.

More random thoughts on books coming soon.  Just because I couldn’t get them all into this one post!

In 2013, I joined up with a talented group of photographers to shoot a new portrait based theme each month.  We came up with some challenging themes which helped me learn & grow.  I am over the moon to be able to go through another year with this group. 

We are starting off 2014, with the theme Reflective Portraits.  Love this.  January is usually a time for reflection so this theme fits right in with what most of us are doing.  My first instinct is to talk about how all photography is reflective of the photographer.  Even when we are not literally in the frame, photographers as artists put our hearts into our work.  The way I view my world shines through in my photography.  So, whether there is a literal reflection in the image or not, there is still a piece of me.  But, I did challenge myself this month to get an actual reflection too.  I have seen this done beautifully in mirrors, in buildings, in eyes but since I spend so much time around the water that was my obvious go to place for a reflective portrait. 

This year I spent New Year’s Eve with one of my best friends.  I began 2014 on a plane to Mexico in the early hours of January 1st.  We were headed with a group of friends to a beach vacation to celebrate her 40 years of life.  Something about this led me to quite a bit more reflection than I am typically inclined at this time of the year.  For me, not only was this a celebration of 40 years, but I think some reflection was due to the 26 years we have spent being friends. 

This girl is someone who is a lifelong friend.

She is loyal.  This is a girl who will stand by her friends.

She is funny, and smart, and sassy. 

There is something to be said for getting to 40.  And being healthy.  And being happy in your circumstances.  And being surrounded by people you love.

sunset from the plane | Project 365 | Allison Jacobs Photography

sand in Mexico | Project 365 | Allison Jacobs Photography

reflections on the beach| Project 365 | Allison Jacobs Photography

Amber Norris Photography | Hattiesburg MS Newborn and Child Photographer is the next photographer in our group so be sure you click through to her blog and follow the circle back here to see what everyone is reflecting on this month. 

One of my goals for 2013 was to improve on my portrait photography. I was so blessed to be a part of this talented group of photographers with the same focus. Each month we picked a challenge for our portrait post then linked our blogs to make a circle. It is always so fun to see how different photographers interpret the same theme and I was inspired each month when I visited all the blogs. 

We covered themes like Through the Doorway Portrait, Faceless Portrait, Bokeh Portrait, Creative Location Portrait, Black & White Portrait, Backlighting Portrait, Garage Lighting Portrait, Environmental Portrait, Window Light Portrait , Framed Portraits, and Out of Focus.  The idea was to choose themes that might push us just outside of our comfort zones since that is the place where we can grow as photographers.  I will admit that many of these months had me struggling to be creative and shoot in different places or ways than what are typical for me.  The opportunity to learn with this group of photographers who have become friends is something that I never took for granted. 

Be sure to click the link see the work of my dear friend Laura Veno, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas photographer her portraits never cease to leave me feeling inspired to pick up my camera and shoot.

Portraits12 year in review by allison jacobs photography

It has been years since I bowled. But after thinking about local fun things to do on one of our days off this past week, I decided bowling would be it! I threw thoughts of mixed lighting and harsh colors out the window & set out to document our fun. The most surprising part? Our scores were all really close. Looks like I need to brush up on my bowling skills.

bowling lifestyle storytelling photography via allison jacobs